Left to Right:       Peg Robson, Gleda Burkett, Laurie Alread, Brandi Gerber, Blaine Troyer and Robin Honeg   

 Left to Right:       Peg Robson, Gleda Burkett, Laurie Alread, Brandi Gerber, Blaine Troyer and Robin Honeg



Brandi has been serving Heartline and Heart House since 2003, serving as both a Resident Assistant, and for eleven years, the Heartline Program Manager. She was promoted to Executive Director in July 2014. Brandi's passion is to provide assistance to those in her community that are facing a crisis. She lives in Eureka with her cat Uno, and enjoys spending time with her nephew.  

Laurie was hired in the summer of 2014 as the Heart House Program Manager to oversee the shelter. She graduated from Illinois State University with aBachelor’s degree in Social Work. She has prior experience working with mental illness and developmental disabilities. Laurie is originally from Eureka but now lives in Metamora with her husband, Ryan, and two children, Olivia and Maximus.

Blaine began working at Heartline as the Program Manager in August 2014.  Formerly of Virginia Beach, VA, and with a stint in the US Navy as a cook, she came to this area after marrying Travis Troyer in 2001. Blaine holds an Associate's Degree in Accountancy. She has two daughters, Micah and Chloe, and resides in Benson.  


Top Row: Brandi Gerber, Executive Director; Laurie Alread, Heart House Program Manager; Blaine Troyer, Heartline Program Manager

Bottom Row:  Robin Honeg, Bookkeeper; Peg Robson, Resident Assistant; Chris Stutzman, Resident Assistant


Robin has been a volunteer with Heartline and Heart House for years but officially joined the staff in 2013 responsible for bookkeeping and HR. She has a Master’s of Education Degree from the University of Illinois in Human Resource Development. A long-time Eureka resident, Robin also operates H2 Services, a bookkeeping, HR and transportation consulting company with her husband Mark.  

Peg serves as a Resident Assistant every weekend, staying at the shelter for support and security.  She is also an active and important volunteer at Heartline and Heart House, giving at least 3 days a month since 2009.   She enjoys being a part of Heartline and Heart House as it gives her an opportunity to give back and help others within the community.

Chris Stutzman is our newest Resident Assistant who stays in the shelter evenings during the week.